Special Offer! Mileage correction this month 20% less - from £30! All cars, bikes, quads, tractors, diggers, ext.! Only this month! DPF Removal |  Mobile Remapping, Chip Tuning from £200 ! Call us now!

Chip Tuning

Increase your car's performance and even save fuel!

Chip tuning from £200 this month only! Call us now for more details.

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Mileage Correction

Have you recently replaced your mileage meter and its readings are faulty or incorrect? Don't worry, it can be fixed.

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Comprehensive Diagnostics

R2Diagnostic can provide you with diagnostics as well as solutions that will help you car get in shape again.

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Xenon Conversion

Why not change your halogen headlights to 3x more efficient and energy saving Xenon lights?

Xenon Lights Fitting